Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reminder from Jacob: On Identity

My daughter Lolly couldn’t wait to tell me what Jacob recently said to his “other grandma.” Stacey had asked him whose boy he was and she was delighted when he responded, “Gam-ma’s boy!” “Oh good, I’m glad.” Stacey replied. To which Jacob countered, "Gam-ma Deb's boy!" Then Stacey had a good laugh at her own expense.

I am glad she thought it was funny, I hope I would have been as gracious if Jacob told me he was “Gam-ma Stacey’s boy!” See, I have trained him well, from his very first days I have told him he is “Grandma Debby’s boy.” He has heard it hundreds of times. He knows what he knows!

And I know what I know. I know “whose girl I am!” I am my LORD’S and HE is mine. What a glorious day that was for me when I began to understand who I am in Jesus Christ and just exactly what that identity means for me. To know that my identity in Christ is something no man, teenager or toddler can take away from me, saw me through the most difficult years of my life.

I know, as well, that in my ministry to individuals, it has been one of the primary truths that I have attempted to convey to hurting people. If only we, the Body of Christ, could consistently see ourselves as Christ does. If we could daily see ourselves as HIS Beloved, as Shining Stars, as the Sweet Aroma of Christ, as Joint-heirs, a Chosen People, a Royal Priesthood, a people belonging to God…if we truly believed and lived moment by moment as HIS Salt and HIS Light, oh how different our lives would look!

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