Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Other Way?

No Other Way?

Is there no other way, O God,

Except through sorrow, pain, or loss,

To stamp Christ's likeness on my soul -

No other way except the cross?

Through eyes grown dim with falling tears,

In vain some other path I seek;

"The cross is heavy, Lord," I pray,

"So heavy, and I am so weak."

"I cannot drink this bitter cup,"

I plead with passionate protest;

"Lord, let it pass - Thy hand lies hard

Upon me - I am sore distressed."

And then a voice stills all my soul,

As stilled the waves on Galilee;

"Canst thou not bear the furnace heat,

If 'mid the flames I walk with thee?"

"I bore the cross, I know its weight,

I drank the cup I hold for thee;

Canst thou not follow where I lead?

I'll give thee strength - lean thou on me."

And then with sudden shame, I fall

Low at His blessed, pierced feet,

"Lord, teach me how to follow Thee,

And make me for Thy service meet."

"I am not worthy e'en to lift

Thy hallowed cross - Thy pain to share;

Perfect through suffering, if Thou wilt,

So I at last Thy image bear."

--Author Unknown

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