Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pondering Transition

I finally concluded this morning that this picture, taken yesterday, pretty much describes my life right now! You see, it wasn't until late yesterday afternoon that I realized why my feet had felt funny all day. It was in the early morning hours and very dark in my closet when I was rummaging through a pile of shoes looking for (okay...feeling for) my every day "boots." Then I didn't discover, until much later, that I ran through the day wearing two very different shoes! 

And that is kind of like my life right now! I am running through my days wearing two similar and yet very different shoes. That is what the process of transition is like for me. Over the next few weeks I will finish up one very satisfying ministry assignment at the Hanover Brethren in Christ Church and then I will move to Mechanicsburg, Pa to join the ministry staff at Messiah Village Retirement Community. 

Fortunately, the LORD has given me the awesome ability to adjust well and quickly, even though I find the "in between" process a little uncomfortable. My emotions, although superimposed with a spirit of peace, range from sorrowful (at the prospect of leaving people I have come to love deeply) to joyful (at the prospect of learning to deeply love a whole new world of people!) I would have to say that "excitement" and "anticipation" take a forefront in my emotional bank these days (except when I am packing and trying to figure out this process of "downsizing.") 

I want to "finish well" at Hanover. I want to know that I have fulfilled God's purposes for bringing me to this beloved destination five years ago. His call was distinct. His marching orders were firm. Obedience was my responsibility, even when I wasn't fully sure I understood all that was required of me. I marched out, leaving other loves at Cedar Grove BIC, to Hanover with the words of one of my Biblical heroines, Deborah, as a banner over me, "March On, My Soul, Be Strong!"

Eventually, I will take off the one shoe and replace it with a pair that match (Not literally, people!)  Soon things will "feel right" once again. There is no doubt in my mind that, once again, my orders are clear, my place in His plan is secure, He goes before me and behind me and I will, with great faith, March On, with His strength as my backbone. For this season of my life I am called to a new place and again I choose obedience.