Sunday, August 23, 2009

Defeating Giants

So many times I've had to face a Goliath of my own,
Often I am hurt, afraid, betrayed alone.
and there stands Goliath in all his might and glory,
So sure that he already knows the outcome of the story.

Although Goliath towers so very high above me,
And his confidence in himself is plain for me to see,
All the fiery darts and painful arrows he has hurled,
Are merely useless weapons of this defeated world.

For I am sure that when Goliath boldly faces me,
He doesn't know his enemy is one he cannot see.
For my battles with Goliath are never fought alone,
But by the Mighty Warrior declaring victory from His Throne.

For Jesus is my Shield, my steadfast Hiding Place,
In Him I've found salvation, courage, strength and grace.
He's rescued me from trouble and soothed all of my pain,
And there lies Goliath wretched, defeated, slain.

So I will sing His praises and I'll shout the victory,
It's Jesus who will reign for all eternity.
And when my life is over and earth returns to dust,
I'll be singing there in glory somewhere near the One I trust.

For I am clothed in victory, a child of the KING,
And by the power of His might I can face anything.
No mountains too high, No river too wide,
In the arms of my Savior safely I abide.

written while facing my own giants.... 3.26.89