Monday, August 15, 2011

Pondering: The Mystery Couple

It does make me sad, but I must confess, that the very first time I saw the two of you together, I figured you were having an affair! But really, why else would two grown adults, in two separate vehicles, be parked side-by-side in an out-of-the-way corner of a large parking lot like that?

And then, well the scene was so intimate, even in broad daylight, that I had to look away. In the car snuggled as close as you could get or standing together against the car, locked in each other's arms like that, well, wouldn't most people have wondered the same thing?

I'm not sure how many times, over the last few months, that  I have seen the two of you during your late afternoon rendezvous, but I've been pondering other possible scenarios (besides the one my imagination first proposed).

Maybe you are a happily married couple working different shifts and you have just those few sweet moments to connect for the day.            

Or maybe you live in different cities and, like ships passing in the night, you take advantage of every opportunity to grab a few moments as one of you passes through.

Or maybe it's just the thrill of a few stolen moments in the middle of your busy day, free of kids and household responsibilities. I don't know, I guess the possibilities are endless.
But, for what it's worth, I thought of the two of you today and said a prayer.

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