Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"There are Three Things I HATE..."

"There are Three Things I HATE, Yea Four I Find Detestable"
“Hate” is not a word I use very often, but lately it has rolled around in my mind like a marble in a pinball machine looking for a place to land.     
I would much rather talk about love; God’s amazing, extravagant and lavish love is a favorite topic for this pastor.  
Or the love I have for my children, my delightful grandchildren and the job I am blessed to have and the extraordinary people who come with it. Those particular subjects, and my love for them, are daily topics of thoughts. But hatred?Seldom. 
Today, though, I need to vent my hatred. 

I’ll do it quickly, I won’t linger. 
I won’t expound or preach. 
I will state it simply and profoundly and with huge, ugly explanation points. 
My list, you will find, is as simple as it is complex.
There are three things I HATE, 
yea four I find detestable:  
a hard unyielding heart, 
a lying tongue that plots destruction, 
words that wound and cripple 
and above all DIVORCE!
I HATE divorce passionately. 
I HATE what it does to individuals, children, extended family, friends, churches and communities. 
I HATE its destructive presence as it destroys and weakens families, leaves children vulnerable and men and women... 

Alas, I am doing what I said I wouldn’t do. 
And so, I will take my lament and leave it at my Father’s feet. 
I know that He knows exactly what I mean.