Thursday, November 24, 2011

Daddies, Please Tell Your Daughters...

My dad called a couple of days ago...
My Son-in-law Mark with his youngest daughter Mary
In the course of our conversation he mentioned that he had been looking at photos on Facebook. Then he said, "You know you are a beautiful woman." And I replied, "THANK YOU, I don't think you've ever told me that before." Later, as I reflected on this conversation, I wondered if I had been waiting my whole life to hear him say that. I don't know if I have or not...not consciously anyway, but that's how I felt.

Then I was reminded of a scene I witnessed many years ago. A man standing with his wife and several daughters, all were dressed in their best and looking beautiful for a wedding. The man never told any of them that...that they were beautiful, but, when a couple other young women walked up to the group, he couldn't stop gushing over their beauty. I felt so sorry for the girls standing there listening to their dad. It still makes me sad when I think about it and I hope those young women aren't still waiting to hear him tell them how beautiful they are.

Thanks, to my dad for blessing me with those words and, with that in mind, can I encourage you...
Daddy, tell your daughter how beautiful she is!

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