Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fifteen Reasons for Moving

So, people keep asking me, "Why did you move?" (Especially since I only moved out this window and into that door!) Well, for those of you who are seriously curious here is my list of reasons....
1. NO upstairs neighbors stomping around!
2. I now have a patio, tiny garden, yard and places to sit outside as opposed to none!
3. I have off the street parking.
4. The rent is $95.00 less.
5. I'm closer to the basement laundry/storage.
Before I moved in my landlord....
6. Installed new windows...
7. ALL new laminate floor/ceramic tile/carpet...
8 Had EVERYTHING repainted...
9. Added new ceiling fans
10. New light fixtures/handles/faucets
11. I really like the "galley" kitchen
12. It has a screen door
13. And TWO bathrooms
14. And a library/office/treadmill room
15. And great storage
Those were enough reasons for me.
HOWEVER, I hate moving and do not plan to do this again anytime soon! PROMISE!

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