Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sea Monsters, Dragons, Magicians and Spies...

Sea monsters, dragons, magicians and spies!
Riddles and mystery! Intrigue and surprise!
Heroes and villans and giants and midgets,
Palaces, dungeons and madmen and witches!

Kings, queens and emperors, wise men and fools,
Miracles, plagues, hidden treasures and jewels!
Angels and demons, rebellion and war,
Deception, disaster and mayhem and gore!

Time travel! Romance! Adventure! Betrayal!
Freedom from slavery! Escaping from jail!
Soldiers and warriors and healers and saints,
And poems of thanksgiving, praise and complaint!

Partying prophets and killers who preach,
Fish who eat people! Donkeys that teach!
Ship wreaks and journeys and blessings to give,
And the world's greatest Superhero ever to live!

Author of Poem: Unknown; Author of Book: Known and Revered

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